March 2013 Luncheon

Pat Carlson, a graduate of BLTS Class of '79 is a Registered Nurse currently working as a Clinical Specialist with 3M Canada. Over the past 8 years Pat has been involved with the Canadian office of Missionary Ventures International, an international, interdenominational mission organization working in 34 countries around the World.  With a motto of "Bringing the Word to the world through personal involvement", MVI reaches out to the indigenous peoples of these 34 countries to provide assistance with development through numerous projects including, but not limited to, construction, education and medical teams.

Pat has taken 7 medical teams into the Amazon Jungle of Peru, with an 8th team leaving in May 2013, to specifically work with the Shawi Indians living in the Amazon River Basin.  The teams set up temporary clinics in the Shawi villages and welcome up to 200 patients a day.  Pat, along with the Missionary Ventures Peru team, works closely with the local governments and Minister of Health, to choose the most needy areas of the jungle and this often requires 1-2 days of river travel to reach those villages via small outboard motor boats and sometimes by canoe and dugouts.       

The teams have seen significant change as a result of the work here and Pat will share how God has used this small organization to drive significant change in this little corner of the world.  It has been an overwhelming experience to be called by God to this exciting work and to have the privilege of serving some of the most needy of our world was not something that Pat expected when, 8 years ago, she answered the call to be a part of a small women's team traveling to a maternal care centre in Yurimaguas.    

There are many challenges to short term mission and many do not see the benefit of short term versus long term mission, but Pat will share how short term mission has paid a critical part in the micro-development happening in the Alto Amazonas region and how this specific ministry is the perfect example of how God uses short and long term missionaries to build His kingdom.