January 2016

Our guest speakers are from the Regina Health District: 
    Patricia Comfort - Manager of the Primary Health Response Team
    Sue Pitura - Director of South Primary Health Care Network

"Caring for Seniors is a Team Effort"
Two Nurse Practitioners work as a team in a new Regina program - the Seniors House Call Program. Together, they care for seniors with complex medical needs in their homes or at care homes to ensure the fragile individuals don't have to go to hospital. For many seniors and their families, this program is considered a blessing and has brought families peace of mind. Seniors do not have to go the hospital as much and those with mobility challenges do not have to venture out. 
The nurse practitioners have wonderful personalities and they provide a great resource. This program has revealed  what a vulnerable population the practitioners are dealing with and the challenges that this population presents. "Home visits are making a difference to seniors and their families. Still in its infancy, only a limited people have benefited from the house call programs, but response to the initiative has been positive. The Seniors House Call Program is an additional resource. "We're trying to close that loop and allow for increased continuity of care for these clients and providing better access for people who can't necessarily leave their homes to get in to see a family physician".