November 2015

Our guest speaker is Timothy Long.
"My Autobiography: An Update"
"The starting point for my talk is an 'autobiography' that I wrote for my mother at age 9 or 10. Looking back over forty years later, I’ll provide an update to the burning questions of my life: my earliest memory, most embarrassing moment, and wish for the future."

Timothy Long has attended First Baptist Church since the early 1980s, when evening services attracted a lively bunch of university students connected with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Since 1989, he has worked at the MacKenzie Art Gallery where he is currently the Head Curator. His life has been marked with a series of encounters with remarkable artworks – encounters which he described in the lecture series “The Rembrandt Code” in 2010. His other interests include learning Italian and teaching his nieces and nephews how to bake grape pie.