November 2017

Our guest speaker is Jennifer Holtslander 

Jennifer Holtslander is a dearly beloved daughter of a gracious God. For paying work, she gets to use her skilled listening ear to provide Spiritual Care, Companioning and Coaching for life, end of life and grief through her private organization. The rest of her days are (sometimes happily) divided between learning to run, practicing music with her kids Adoniram and Angeline, and joining her husband Reade for conversations about life and faith, household tasks and how best to train their new puppy. She considers herself grateful to be connected with the First Baptist Regina church family and looks forward to sharing her story with the Achievers in November.
The theme “What’s My Story?” will give Jennifer the opportunity to share from her own experiences and to trace the hand of the Divine at work in the midst of a story that has been filled with grace, with complications, and with an ever deepening process of healing.