October 2013 Luncheon

Dr. Bill Silver will be our speaker at the Achievers’ luncheon on October 24, 2013.

Innovation in Health Care 

We will get a glimpse into a life journey that led William Silver to become a doctor.

After working as a rural physician, Dr. Silver chose a difficult change: he became a surgeon.  He then got interested in research, a discipline which is exciting because it transforms the lives of the afflicted.  Research produced insulin for diabetes and the Salk vaccine for polio.  He will take you into this exciting world, and report his experience.  He is still at it at 80 years of age!  He believes that research is required to solve the issues we face in health care today.  We can travel to the moon.  Surely we can solve waiting lists and escalating health care budgets.  Don't expect to get all the answers!