October 2016

Our guest speaker is Jeane Buyze, 

Jeane Buyze is a long time member of First Baptist Church Regina. She will share "Twists and Turns of My Life's Journey", talking about WWII, she and her husband's departure from Holland to come to Regina, and various other life experiences they shared.  Jeane's husband, Jack, sang in the Sanctuary Choir for over 42 years, blessing the congregation with many solos, and duets with his friend Harry Veldhuis.

Jeane Buyze was born in Holland in a small town. Jeane's dad built his own house when he married her mother. They were farmers.  Her grandfather also had built his own home, along with building a church together with others. Before the construction of the church, people would gather at her grandfather's home. Jeane's mother was the oldest of 11 children. "I do not know how my grandmother managed to hold a service in their house." If you think of it, what a blessing all 11 of those children became God's children.