October 2012 Luncheon

When you’ve lost the favorite tool Grandpa gave you in his will, and when you’ve broken Grandma’s special tea cup you received from her, what’s left to remember Grandpa and Grandma?  

You’ve been to your lawyer and completed your Last Will and Testament. Yet, you feel something is left undone. What is the Last Testament portion? How do I do that part? My lawyer didn’t seem to cover that aspect. 

If your legacy was only your life’s story, what would you say? What written words would you leave behind? What is the true or real legacy I leave for my friends and family?

Please accept this as your personal invitation to the Oct 25 Achievers’ Luncheon for a discussion and ideas sharing presentation by Brian Wonnick.  Resources will be available for you to take home with you to take that next step of sharing you story of your life’s faith walk with Christ, your Lord and Saviour. 

About Brian:

The 10 years prior to Brian’s retirement in June, 2008, his work centered around gift planning with Lutheran Foundation Canada, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan & N.W. Ontario. These 10 years represented a growing awareness of calling and ministry in Christian Stewardship.

Stewardship, which is managing all of His blessings for His purposes, was the ongoing conversation Brian had as he called on church members to assist them in their estate planning. It is a process that enriches the spiritual walk that each person has with their Lord Jesus, encouraging and assisting them to discover the gift plan that God has placed in each and every person. 

Over the years, it became increasingly clear, that although we do a good job of the Last Will side of our estate planning, we ignore the Last Testament aspect. For Brian, this has become a vital discussion that he loves to have with fellow Christians anywhere. In addition, resources are shared to assist each person in telling their story of their walk of faith with their Lord throughout their life. What a wonderful written legacy to leave your children, and grandchildren! Of all the things that our grandparents and parents leave behind for their family and friends, there is none greater than the Gospel of Christ, our Lord as revealed through your own written story.